Security & Forensics

Keeping your digital assets secure is one of the most important aspects of maintaining long-term success. Whether you are dealing with an existing crisis, are suspicious of personnel, or would simply like an evaluation of your company's cyber security, Digital 42 can help.

We also offer legal services if you find yourself having to take that route. Our experts can thoroughly scour employee hardware and often find clues that other organizations miss. In addition, our tools and knowledge allow us to compile large amounts of data down into simple, usable, and powerful statistics.

Our Services

  • Asset Protection
  • Data Retrieval
  • Digital Forensics
  • Legal Services


Rates gradually increase based on level of involvement.

  • Non-legal: $100/hour
  • Presentation Assembly: $100/hour
  • Data Compilation: $150/hour
  • Forensics: $150/hour
  • General Trial Preparation: $150/hour
  • Deposition: $175/hour
  • Expert Testimony: $200/hour

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